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Sea Lamprey Control Map

Barriers to sea lamprey migration play a vital role in the control of sea lamprey population in Great Lakes tributaries by protecting upstream reaches from sea lamprey invasion and spawning.  Crumbling dam infrastructure and an increased interest in stream connectivity has made removing barriers increasingly popular

The Great Lakes Fishery Commission and the Great Lakes Commission have developed a tool which will allow users to visualize the potential impact of barrier removal on the sea lamprey’s spawning range.   Using hydrography data provided by the USGS and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, the application returns the stream network distance upstream from a selected barrier showing the user the potential increase in sea lamprey spawning habitat.

Users can explore alternate barrier removal or addition scenarios to see the effects of different management strategies.  Historical treatment and trapping data provide context for the results of stream network visualization.   Trapping data are displayed graphically by year.  Historical treatment data are displayed at river mouths, listing the years in which chemical treatments were applied in a particular stream system.

Sea Lamprey Control Map examples


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