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Great Lakes Energy-Water Nexus Map

This is the map created for Great Lakes Energy-Water Nexus project.

Phase I of the Great Lakes Energy-Water Nexus (GLEW) Initiative developed new metrics to measure aquatic resource impacts from water used for power generation and conducted analyses to inform potential changes in environmental impacts from different energy futures. GLEW also examined policies that govern electric energy markets, utilities, and power plant siting, to identify opportunities for better integrating environmental resource impacts into future energy policy and regulatory efforts. With support from the Great Lakes Protection Fund, this 21-month effort was led by the Great Lakes Commission under guidance of a diverse Project Advisory Team. Principal project partners included: Cornell University, Sandia National Laboratories, the Great Lakes Environmental Law Center, and the Environmental Law and Policy Center. Products from the GLEW project can be found below.

The following maps display hydrologically sensitive HUC-8 watersheds within the Great Lakes basin.

A map with all 5 factors combined can be downloaded at here

More information about this project can be foundĀ here