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Great Lakes Energy-Water Nexus Interactive Map

The Great Lakes Energy Water Initiative (GLEW) initiative will advance integration of energy and water resource decision-making and inform next generation energy development and deployment that better reflects the impacts of power generation on the Great Lakes ecosystem. The Great Lakes Commission is partnering with the U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratories, Cornell University, the Environmental Law and Policy Center and the Great Lakes Environmental Law Center as well as a host of other institutions and individuals who are leaders on the relationships between water and energy.

The first phase of this initiative is an 18-month project that aims to develop new tools and processes for integrating environmental considerations into existing energy planning and regulatory decision-making. This includes developing Great Lakes region-specific energy-water nexus maps, a modeling tool that can demonstrate water resource impact tradeoffs under different energy production scenarios, and a report on the region’s energy-water nexus that analyzes the relationships between energy and the Great Lakes environment and offers a new framework for analyzing power generation impacts on Great Lakes aquatic resources.

According to the modeling effort applied on hydrologically sensitive HUC-8 watersheds within the Great Lakes basin, an interactive, web based map was developed using open source solutions, including GeoServer, OpenLayers and JQuery. It has equivalent functions as those commercial softwares have, such as zoom, pan, select/identify/highlight.

You can access this interactive map application here