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Lake Michigan Shoreline

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Create at:  2006-12-13T00:00:00
Last Update at:  2012-12-14T16:10:19

Abstract: Lake Michigan line file. Linework orgin: ESRI U.S. States (Detailed) represents the fifty states and the District of Columbia of the United States. Edits made by Great Lake GIS.

Purpose: U.S. States (Detailed) provides detailed boundaries that are consistent with the tract and county (detailed) data sets and are effective at regional and state levels.

Supplement: Summary: Shoreline of Lake Michigan (line, 1:100k resolution)

Metadata Standard: ISO 19115:2003/19139

Coordinate Reference System: NAD 1983

Access Constraint:  None


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Web Service Layer Name: glin:lm_shore_esri_100k

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